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ST DRYDEN THE OUTLAW (proposed GRIMJACK character)

St. Dryden the Outlaw is mentioned in Issues 3 and 6 of the GRIMJACK: KILLER INSTINCT miniseries. Dryden is the disciple of another renegade saint, ST. JOHN OF KNIVES, in pre-Demon Wars Cynosure. They run afoul of their conservative church heirarchy by denouncing their denomination for getting too involved with Cynosure politicians-- wicked, selfserving men who are driving the Church headlong into the clutches of demonic darkness. Operating from John's Church of Ephemeral Salvation, the two friars become the first of a secret order of warriors-- the Goblyns-- and swear an Oath of Emnity against vampires, monsters, politicos, false zealots, and kings. We could use a few good men like them on our own world, seems to me. Of course, these are just my own thoughts. The characters and concepts are still in development so the above ideas are subject to change. In any event, I certainly hope that John Ostrander and I can chronicle their adventures some day. If you care to, leave word at my message board and let us know what you think. (Note: An inked version of St. Dryden in full regalia can be seen in the Grimjack Gallery section here at (2004-2005)