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"Two years in the making, in association with my agent, properties manager and unstoppable force of nature, Debbie Gold. I did the cover painting, illustrated the cards, tokens, "deadbucks", and laminate pass (!) included in the game, and helped with lay out and copy. This ain't yer typical bit of 'licensed merch'. It's a wild rock 'n' roll 'Mad Magazine' of a game that's great fun to play. It really lives up to the vibe of the band, yet doesn't exclude 'non-deadheads' from having a great time playing it. Really quite an accomplishment! Grateful; Dead guitarist Bob Weir and longtime band associate Steve Parish served as 'play-testers' for the game and contributed a lot of ideas to the project." (Produced by Discovery bay Games and Gold Standard Games, 2009, and sold at Barnes & Nobles Bookstores.) (tm and C 2009 Discovery Bay Games and Gold Standard Games. All rights reserved.)